Friday, June 22, 2012

Does One Ring Put Lebron On The Same Level As The All Time Greats?

It amazes me that most sportscasters now want to put Lebron on the same level as the all time greats. All because he now has won a ring. Yes winning a ring definitely has helped Lebron's legacy. However it is still just one ring. All time greats are judged more than anything by how many rings they have. Jordan had 6, Kobe has 5, Magic has 5, Shaq has 4, Duncan has 4, Bird has 3. Lebron with just one ring has many more to win to catch those legends. Until then he is a great player but he is not on the level of those all time greats.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What Makes A MVP In The NBA?

How is it that Lebron James has been named MVP for the third time? How many times has he carried his team to a championship? By my count zero. He puts up big stat numbers no doubt about it but is that what makes a MVP? I don't think so. A MVP is suppost to be the player that was most important to their team that year. You don't necessarily have to win a championship to be MVP but i think you do have to win games and playoff series for your team. Lebron does not do that. He is scared of taking the final shot or free throws with the game on the line. He left Cleveland because he did not want to be the man, the guy who carries the team. He wanted to join D Wades team and let Wade continue to be the man. What other superstar has been that way? None not Jordan or Bird or Magic or Kobe not any of them. He doesn't want to be the man and he doesn't have that killer instinct. He doesn't have the leadership skills of a superstar and a MVP. There are many stars in the NBA    who are much more important to their teams than Lebron is to his. Why don't those who vote for MVP stop just looking at his stats and pick the guy who is most important to their team that year since that is the definition of a MVP? Hopefully next year a real MVP will win.

Friday, May 11, 2012

I Blew My Millions And Now I Want Pitty.

I keep hearing sportscasters like Mike Greenberg talk about the high percentage of retired NFL players who are now broke. They seem to be making excuses for these guys and feeling sorry for them. They act like it's the NFL'S fault. I'm sorry but whether you are a athlete, a actor, a musican etc if you have made millions and you go broke it's no one's fault but yours. These people don't realize how lucky they are to have the opportunity to do something fun for a living and make millions doing it. They think the money will never stop rolling in and they go through it like they only have one day left to live. Then when they are broke they want us to feel sorry for them. They want to blame their accountants, their ex spouses, the league they played in or the industry they are in. They want to blame anyone but themselves. Then when they are broke they all act like they have no options. How about you get a job like the rest of us. Welcome to the real world. You have blown your fortune now you have to live in the real world. For these people to have been given a opportunity that 99% of us will never have and they blow it. Then they expect us to feel sorry for them and some of these sportscasters expect us to feel sorry for them. That is ridiculous.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

We Pay Good Money To Look Poor.

As recent as four or five years ago, if you had jeans with holes in them or the logos on your shirt were faded or your hat had holes worn into the bill from being washed so much you were poor. No we pay good money for these exact same things. Infact if you are poor now you can't afford jeans with holes in them. Every clothing store you go shopping in you see jeans with holes or a worn look and you see what they call distressed look shirts. You see hats they also call distressed look that have a faded look or holes worn in the bill or a look like you have sewn up holes in it. We all go crazy for this stuff now. The same stuff poor people use to get made fun of for wearing. It's kind of ironic but poor people should fit right in now because we all pay good money to look poor.